I've been working in music since I was ten years old and in that time I've worn a lot of different hats. Here are a few of the services I can offer


Drums have been a passion of mine my whole life and although I've taken my hand to lots of other instruments over the years the drum throne is where I feel most at home on stage

and Engineer

I love being behind the faders both in the studio and live. You can currently find me in monitor world for Imagination ft. Leee John and mixing bands from around the world in the comfort of my home studio.

and Arranger

I've composed and arranged songs for many artists. Some have have worked along side me to achieve their truest vision and some just a few ideas for me to flesh out. I also compose library music for license directly and through publishers.


After 20 years in the music industry I've developed a huge network of musicians and technicians to help bring any project to life on stage. I can manage every aspect of a live production from rehearsals to stage to make sure your artist and your audience finish the night on a high.